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Is an unprecedented market entry or expansion opportunity in Switzerland worth ten minutes of your time? Just read through this page. It gives you everything you need to decide if you’d like to apply for Kickstart. Official application phase opens April 6 and ends on June 8. If you apply by then you’ll get noticed by all our partners, already.

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What EdTech & New Work solutions we are looking for

Our partners are looking for mature startups which offer technological solutions in EdTech & Learning + HR & New Work. Continue reading here for more background information about our EdTech & New Work Success Stories.

PoC/Partnership Areas

Apply, if your solution is a good match with our partners’ EdTech & New Work Collaboration Areas 2020 [detailed outline]!

What is Kickstart?

What Kickstart is not

What’s in for you

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Besides great opportunities with our partners, our program features as well:

The Program

The program is split into several phases:

Our Partners for 2020

This year we are accompanied by Migros, Coop, Axa, die Mobiliar, Swisscom, but also New Work SE, Xing, Roche, Postfinance, Gebert Ruf Stiftung, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz, and many more:

Good to go? Tips for the application:

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Still questions? Drop us a message at: edtech at kickstart-innovation.com